Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Visit to see Baby Ryder...

A few weeks ago we also went to see my niece Abby's new little baby Ryder. Actually, I was just looking at her blog and she said he is a month old now and I realized I never posted these pictures. Porter and Carter were so excited to hold little Ryder.

Carter was doing the best that he could to manage holding the baby on his own, but mom lent a hand to support Ryder's head.
Porter was just a pro sitting there holding the baby...he loved it!! He didn't want to stop holding him so that we could go home. (I was almost afraid Abby would've been left with 4 boys!)
Porter was soooooo cute holding Ryder. He kept looking at his hands and feet saying "Mom, look at his fingers and toes, they are so cute and tiny". I really enjoyed watching Porter and Carter with Ryder. It made me a little baby hungry myself. When the boys got home they took their stuffed animals and wrapped them in blankets and were carrying them around like their own babies. They even "dropped" them off with me so I could babysit them while they went to work. These guys are so funny and I just love watching them grow up.

A Night Out With the Girls...

A few weeks ago my mom took some of the girls in the family out for a night. We went to Vista to the Moonlight Theatre and saw Joseph and "The Amazing Techni-Colored Dream Coat".
We had a great time and I really enjoyed spending time with the girls in the family.

Grandma with Carly, Morgan and Leslie
Deana, me, Charla, Marybel, and mom
Leslie...texting away. I think she did manage to watch some of the play! =)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

He's Not Just Cute--He Does Tricks Too!

So this is Porter's latest trick that he loves to do! (I swear he is taking years off my life). He can scale just about any door jam now. The worst part of this is that when he first started doing it he would just drop down to the ground from there and now I have trained him to "scale" back down. I have managed to convince him that he will break both his legs if he were to drop from that high up. Porter is so funny because he loves to show what he can do. I was showing him how to do cartwheels the other day...at first they were glorified forward rolls, then they became something very close to a cartwheel without the straight legs, and finally with all his energy he was doing something that resembled a front handspring. He does tricks on the rings of the playset at my parent's house and I can't stand to watch. I asked my parents if they remembered me doing the same type of tricks when I was his age and they said they did and that it took years off their lives watching me do them just as I swear it's taking years off mine. Luckily, I was a girl and eventually learned I have limits...I'm not sure that boys learn this lesson quite as early.