Monday, March 2, 2009

February 2009

So Sam seems to believe that I have been ignoring the blog because I am spending too much time on Facebook but I just haven't felt like there has been too much to blog about! I emptied my camera onto the computer and here are a few things that I managed to come up with.


We had a great night out with the Robertsons --bowling at Trevi!!
It was Porter's and Carter's first time going and I think they loved. If Carter looks a little confused in this picture it is probably because he is.

I thought it was funny that Porter sat on top of the ball return but even funnier that Carter has his head down at the return waiting for balls to come out...uh, where are these kids parents??

Heidi and Ray...they really know how to put a party together. Heidi had it set up that we got this private bowling room with four lanes all to ourselves and it was such a great idea!

Madison and Chansea are a crack up as always!!! Porter and Carter had a ton of fun dancing with them in between their turns.

I even managed to get Porter to take a minute from being "too cool" so that he could pose for this picture with his mommy!
We also met up with the Cruz's at Knott's Berry Farm. Branden and Justin were nice enough to go on some of the kid rides with the boys! I know that Porter and Carter loved it...I'm not so sure about Branden and Justin though!

Me and Amber while the boys were all on the kiddie coaster!


On one of the many rainy days we had this month, Sam decided that the boys should put on jackets and let them play outside in the rain. So these are pics of them enjoying their time out there. Of course I enjoyed all this from the nice, warm, dry inside.


On Valentine's Day we enjoyed some more time at Knott's.
This is Sam and Carter on the log ride.


The Cruz's stayed the night with us and then we all enjoyed a day in San Diego going to the Natural History Museum. We had a really good time with them and Porter had a really good time hanging out with this dinosaur. =)
So there you go! This is all the fun we had in February and then some.
Oh, I almost forgot to mention the most exciting thing that happened this month--
we found out that I am pregnant!!!