Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Just Don't Get It

Carter ate this cookie and left it sitting on the table. I asked if he was going to finish it and he said "No--I don't like the crust."
He did the same thing with his bagel that same morning.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Hail?!!??!! What?!!?!?

So, we are all well aware of how crazy the weather was here in socal last week with all the flooding, hail, and tornado warnings but here is just a little idea of what we got out of it!
Yep, that right there in Sam's hand is a hail snowball!
I took the boys to the doctor on Friday and on our way out to the car it started hailing....big time! I was shocked to see that the hail was sticking to the ground and was amazed at the winter wonderland that was left as a result. I wish we could upload the picture that Sam took of our putting green in the backyard cause he said it was covered in hail and from the looks of the picture you can't see a bit of green through all the white.
For all you out there who live in the snow, this post is not for you, but for the Rath family, all this torrential weather offered a bit of excitement!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Our Little Giggler

So last night Grandpa Ken was playing peek-a-boo with Anderson and it sent him into a giggling fit. We got it towards the end and you could tell he was actually getting a little tired from laughing so much. It cracks me up to see how stone cold his face would get inbetween giggles.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

How We're Surviving the Rain

So not only have we been stuck inside with all the rain, but Carter hasn't been out of the house since Tuesday because he has been sick with a cold and a little fever that comes and goes.
The boys got a hold of my camera while I was making dinner tonight so I thought I would use the pics to explain how we're surviving being "shut-ins".

Porter and Carter take very good care of Anderson. Although it has been absolute torture trying to keep Carter and all his coughing away from the baby all week long.

Thank goodness for cool little toys like this that keep Anderson entertained while Porter and Carter are doing other things. But can I tell you how sick I am of hearing Old MacDonald over and over again?
When he isn't busy asking me when Porter will be home from school, Carter has had a lot of time to play with Legos. I think he would be smiling if he didn't feel so crummy!

And this. This is a picture I took. Porter and Carter have been getting a ton of wii time. It probably is a bad thing but at this point i'm just not sure I really care. This wii gives me a great break in the day...that is when they aren't yelling and screaming at eachother while they play it.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mother & Son Rockstar Night

Tonight we went to Mother & Son Rockstar Night at CHES. It was so much fun to see how excited Porter was to go. I'm not quite sure his excitement was because he wanted to have a little date with me but I will just go ahead and pretend that was why anyway.
We ate some yummy dinner with all of our rockstar friends!
The rockstar moms posed for a picture!

Our sons were totally rocking the stage with their air guitars.

As we were walking on our way out to the car Porter looked up at me and
said "We Rock!"
I couldn't be more happy to be this little guy's mom.

Newborn Photo Shoot

My friend Alisha Hammond said that she wanted to take newborn pics as a present and I was so excited cause she does such a great job. Here are some of the pics she took and I absolutely loved them!

Big Boy in the Bumbo

Check out this cute little guy in his Bumbo! I can't believe he is already sitting in this thing. When Abby gave it to me a couple weeks ago I thought, oh it'll be a while before we use this and here we are using in two short weeks later. This little guy is growing way too fast for me. I love him a ton. All of us adore him and he is such a little blessing in our family.

Tummy Time!

Last week we went to Anderson's two month check up to find out that Anderson is in the 98th percentile for his weight and the 74th percentile for his height. The doctor was very impressed with his size and said that he is doing very well, although we still have to go for a follow up ultrasound and urologist appointment for his kidney. He asked if I was giving him much "tummy time" and I admitted that I hadn't. He kinda chastised me for it so I went ahead and made sure that he got some when he got home. Porter and Carter decided to do it with him.
(I swear this is not staged and they really did do this on their own.)

Mommy's Little Helper

So the year started off just like any other day for me...with lots of laundry. Luckily, I had this little cutie and the Twilight Zone marathon to keep me occupied through out this daunting task!

Happy New Year!!!

So we rang in another new year at my parents house for their annual New Year's Eve party!
Carter couldn't get enough of the noisemakers! Porter barely made it to midnight. Anderson slept through the whole entire thing. Sam and I fell asleep at about 12:30 on my parents couch and so we all wound up spending the night even though we only live less than five minutes from my mom and dad's house.

I really do want to blog more often this year. I love people who blog 365 days a year. I wish I could commit to doing something like that but i'm just not even going to try. I will try to post on a more regular basis so I can keep better track of the "Goings on" of the Rath family.
HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of our family and friends--here's to blogging!

Christmas 2009

Christmas Eve day we went to Lakewood to celebrate Christmas with Sam's family. I love this picture with Grandma Sherri with all her grandsons!
Then we were back in Temecula that evening to celebrate with my family .
Sam and the boys--picture perfect!

Christmas morning--Me, Porter and Anderson sleeping...

....while Carter is patiently waiting.

And finally the moment they had waited so long for....their present from Santa.
A wii!!!! They were so excited!

That morning after opening presents we had my parents over for breakfast. Then we enjoyed our presents a little longer and finally made our way back to Grandma and Grandpa Morgan's house to have some for fun with the family.
This Christmas was a wonderful time for our little family this year.

Carter's Christmas Program & Porter's Polar Express

Every year the kindergarten classes at the elementary school put on a Polar Express program. The kids are all asked to make a Polar Express train and then they wear their pajamas to school and parade around. Well with having Carter and Anderson, Porter and the train I managed to forget the camera so thank goodness we had taken these pictures the night before when Porter was taking his train for a test drive.
Hopefully I will get some cuter pictures to post with this from friends.

I really think Sam did a great job on making Porter's train.

So, on to the Christmas program at Ms. Michelle's. Do you see someone missing from the lineup? Yep, it's Carter because he was sitting right next to me.

I was finally able to get him up there because I told him that if he didn't do everything he needed to do in Pre-K then he wouldn't be able to go on to Kindergarten next year! Luckily he made it up there just in time for the last song.

Carter and Owen.

Bathtime with Anderson

These are bath pics with Anderson at almost two months. It is amazing to see what a chub he is because Porter and Carter were both skinny little babies.

I love the cute little fat roll over his belly.

Carter and Anderson hanging out after bathtime. Love this picture of those two!

Creche Festival

We were asked to helpout with the stake Creche Festival again this year just as we had been when Carter was a little baby. My first instinct is to decline just because it is so emotional to be in that setting, admiring my precious little newborn son, while thinking what a blessing Christ's birth is in all our lives. I choke back the tears and realize what a great opportunity it is. Our friend Debbie Robinson from the Palos Verdes Stake, who has recently moved to Temecula, was in charge of the nativity room and so she took these pictures of us.
Anderson loved staring at the star that was shining above his head and he also enjoyed the soloist behind the backdrop singing "Silent Night".

It was so wonderful admiring our sleeping baby while thinking about the baby Jesus.

Anderson did get a little fussy about halfway through our time in there and Sam did a wonderful job getting him to sleep and we were finally able to put him in the manger. Such a little sweetie!

Anderson's Blessing

The first Sunday in December Sam blessed Anderson in our Sacrament Meeting at church.
It was such a wonderful blessing and both Sam and I bore our testimonies afterward. A wonderful day that I will be sure to always remember.
The family all came over afterward for a little breakfast.
What a great day to share with our family!

Jeff, Dave, and Marybel

Kevin hanging out with the Turleys

Kim, Kelly, Robert and Mom

Aunt Laurel and Aunt Amber holding baby Anderson

The Rath Family

Dad and Deana

Sam's dad and sisters

Abby, Leslie, and Michael

Thankful in November

Porter wanted a picture of Anderson on his birthday. My big six year old with my little 1 month old.
Porter and Carter getting ready to blow out the candles on Porter's cake. Yes, Carter insisted on helping. What are little brothers for, right?

Anderson and Mommy wishing Porter-boy a happy sixth birthday!

Porter had been planning his birthday party for quite a while and wanted Sam to take him and his friends fishing. They went to a fishing hole in Murrieta with a few of his friends and cousins. Almost everyone caught a fish and I think they all loved it! Porter has been begging Sam for another fishing trip ever since.


So thankful for all my blessings--especially these three!

Our little turkey...or should I say our little butterball cause he is so chubby!

The adult table

The kid's table