Sunday, August 30, 2009

Carter's 4th Birthday

Good morning birthday boy!!!!
Smile it's your birthday and you are going to have a party!!

A waterslide party at Grandpa Morgan's house!!

You are going to invite all of your friends over to play and have pizza.

You get to open lots and lots of presents!!

And don't forget about decorating your own ice cream cone cupcake. Yummy!

You are all gonna have such a blast.

And it will all end at Sunday dinner when the whole family sings happy birthday to you!!
We love you Carter and hope that you had a wonderful 4th birthday.

Porter's First Day of Kindergarten

I can't believe it but the day finally came for Porter to start Kindergarten!!
YAY!!! He was so happy to go to school that first morning.

Porter was definately looking very cool for school!

We got to stay in class with him for a little while and this is a picture of me putting
his name tag on him.

All the kids waving goodbye to their mom's and dad's.
Since this blog serves as a journal for our little family there are a few things that I want to include about Porter's first few weeks as a kindergartner.
The first day home from school, all day long he was saying "I can't believe I'm a kindergartner!" and "Can you believe I started kindergarten already?" It was so cute and I was so happy to see how excited he was to start school. Then the following morning when it was time to get ready for school he said that he wasn't feeling good, and I realized that he didn't really want to go. I convinced him that he should and did and he got out that day and everyday very excited about the days events and very happy to see us. He has struggled a little bit with having to leave and it has really been hard on my pregnant emotions.
One day last week Porter and I were talking and he asked if I had ever cried when I went to kindergarten. I told him that I did, that I cried a lot because I was very shy and didn't know how to talk to people very well. I told him that I knew that wasn't a problem for him, that he makes friends very easily. He told me that he worries while he is at school that we aren't going to pick him up. I then told him that while he is at school I think about him the whole time and wonder what he's doing. I assured him that when he is not with me I am always thinking about him. He then went upstairs and got ready for bed. When he came back down quite a few minutes later he said "Mom, thanks for telling me that stuff that you told really helps."
Sending Porter off to school those next couple days went a lot better and although we are still trying to work through some other anxious feelings that come about we are getting through this little adjustment period. It is funny how I always thought that Porter was SO ready for this time in his life and never would've imagined that he would have a hard time leaving home it makes me feel as though I really need to be sure that the time that he spends at home with us is positive and that I should be thankful that he should love us so much and feel like he might be missing out a little bit while he is away. Now, if only he still felt a little of this ten years from years I will probably be the happiest mom ever!!!

The Wild Animal Park with the Roberts

Our last fun activity for the summer was going to the Wild Animal Park with the Roberts.
We were really excited to go and were very thankful for the opportunity.

Joseph, Porter and Carter standing with the Meerkat.

The boys loved the dinosaur expedition that they had going on there at the park!

Carter, Reby, Porter and Joseph on the Rhino.
Thanks Marybel and Kevin for inviting us to go with you guys.
We really had a blast...and boy were we beat by the end of the day!!