Saturday, March 29, 2008

Easter Sunday

Easter Morning brought lots of great surprises from the Easter bunny!

Like a really cool spider man wallet for Porter.

Lots and lots of yummy candy for Carter. (He was so excited about his basket that it took a lot of coaxing to get him away from it so he could go potty!)

Silly string! (Thanks so much Mr. Easter Bunny & thanks to Sam for cleaning up all the mess)

They were so excited to come home from church and eat their candy that this was the best I could do as far as getting a picture of them in their cute easter outfits! They really looked cute and I wanted a better picture but oh well...this is the real deal!

Easter Saturday

The day before Easter we went to Grandma Sherri's house and celebrated Easter with Sam's family. It was such a great day and the boys had such a blast playing with their
cousins, their aunts and Grandma Sherri! It was really a special day for Sam that he could spend Easter with his whole family there!

Playing with bubbles with Aunt Laurel and Justin.

Drawing with sidewalk chalk with Aunt Amber, Branden and Justin.

Hunting for easter eggs...

...and getting lots of loves from Grandma Sherri!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Date Night at Disneyland

On Friday night the Shaws, Morgans, Shreenans, and Raths went on a group date to Disneyland.
We had a ton of fun and Sam and I felt a little guilty that we have now been to Disneyland twice in a row without the boys. I said we only felt a little guilty.
We drove with the Shreenans and had a fantastic dinner at McDonald's to kick off the evening!
This is a picture of Charla and Greg on the tram...don't they look so excited? After we went on tons of fun rides at California Adventure and Disneyland we went and
had ice cream on Main Street.
Here is a picture of me & Sam.

Dru and Heather were both very thirsty and therefore having a very hard time posing for a little snapshot...these were all the pics I had to work with of them!

Deana and Dave left before I could get their picture. I think we might have done Deana in on the Tower of Terror. Isn't there some kind of restriction for rides like that for people who have had brain surgery? I'm not sure but Deana just likes to live on the wild side...there is just no stopping her sometimes.

We had such a blast at Disneyland and I hope that we can do it again sometime. The Stansel's and Robert's should really think seriously about getting passes so we can all do this again! Hopefully Abby and Jeff can make it next time too except I don't know that Abby will be having much fun there in a few months...maybe Deana can just keep Abby company while we go on rides. That way everyone can have a fun and safe time! Thanks to all of my siblings for a great night!!!!