Saturday, April 18, 2009

Baby Rath #3

So yesterday I finally went for my first official doctor appointment at 13 and a half weeks. When she went to find the heart beat she had a hard time of it, thought she might have picked it up for a quick second but then lost it again. Because she didn't want me worrying about the baby, my doctor got me a referral for an ultrasound. We went through the next few hours until the ultrasound appointment a little nervous and praying that everything would be fine. Sure enough, when we got in there for our ultrasound we were quickly reassured and saw that everything was all right with the baby. The tech asked if we wanted her to tell us what she thought the baby might be and I said "no" but Sam said "yes". I closed my eyes and ears while she told him, but have since figured out that her guess was boy, just as I have suspected all along.
He looks just perfect to me and I have to admit that I shed a few tears of joy when I
finally got to hear his little heartbeat.
What a beautiful end to such a long and unnerving day!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Such a Lucky Girl I Am

It isn't just enough that these three gorgeous guys belong to me but can I tell you how much they spoil me?? I had to leave for a quick trip to Utah for my uncle's funeral and while I was gone Sam had family night with the boys. They talked about King Benjamin and the importance of giving service. Sam then decided to ask the boys how they could show service to their mom. Needless to say, on Tuesday night when I got home from Utah, I saw that the house had been cleaned from top to bottom. Then this morning when Porter woke up he was so excited for me to go out in the backyard to show me that they started a vegetable garden and Carter told me that I came home too soon cause he didn't have time to finish the necklace he was making for me.
How lucky am I that I have these guys who would do so much to show me that they love me through these sweet acts of service.

Easter at the Raths

Easter came and went so quickly for us this year that it was amazing that I even managed to get pictures of the boys. They had so much fun going through their baskets and were happy to find some special treats this year like CTR rings and some cool church books and toys. The Easter bunny really thought they we should focus on the true reason for the occasion and so brought these special gifts along with the regular fun toys and candy.

Here is a picture of Carter breaking into they eggs that the boys and I dyed the day before. I am not sure what they love more, dying the eggs or eating them
(of course with salt because they are my children).
A picture of Porter showing us one of the many eggs that he found in the backyard.

I love these guys so very much and I am very happy that they were able to have a wonderful Easter and were still able to learn a little bit more about why this day is so important in our lives.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March 2009

March was a very fun and exciting month for the Rath family!
We went hiking up at the Vernal Pools and Carter found a frog.

We have been going to the park, enjoying sunny afternoons.

We went to Knott's with Charla and Kyle one day.

Porter got to go to a "Rock Star" party for his friend Mae, sporting this "faux-hawk".

We went to Tom's Farm one day to celebrate Abby's birthday and Aunt Deana got the boys pony rides. They LOVED this!!!

We got to see the Smith's and went out to dinner with them.
(Porter hasn't stopped talking about how he wishes that Wyatt still lived close to our house.)

We also got a very fun visit from a little mischievious Leprachaun on St. Patrick's Day. Sam suggested that the boys make a really good hiding place in case someone needed to hide some gold and then the next morning they found chocolate coins in there hiding spot and a few other tricks were played as well. The boys are still doing little pranks around the house blaming it on the Leprachaun.
The other thing we did this month was celebrate our 8th anniversary. Sam planned a really nice overnight getaway for us in LA. It started out with a trip to the temple where we were able to reminisce our wedding day. Then we checked into a hotel in Santa Monica and hung out at the 3rd Street Promenade for the evening. That is where we went on our first official date and so it was really sweet that Sam had that all planned out too. The next morning Sam had scheduled massages for us and I really enjoyed that. It was such a nice little get away although I missed the boys terribly and couldn't wait to get home to them.