Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Little Bit of This & A Little Bit of That

I really wanted to catch up on blogging before I have the baby so here goes:
October started off with Conference weekend which is my absolute favorite. Of course on Sunday we spent the whole day at my parents house with the whole family. At some point in the day Carter found this spider and was so excited to show it to everyone.
I love that Porter is holding Carter's hand out as if he is helping him handle it better because the only one of the kids willing to even touch it was Carter! Sam was very proud of his little boy.

The following weekend was the annual Morgan Family Campout. Porter and Carter were so excited to go that they wore themselves out before we even got there.

I was not very good about taking pictures while we were there. Saturday was spent at the beach by most everyone but Sam didn't want me walking down there in case I went into labor so I hung out with my parents, the Erickson's, Kim, Heather and Abby. The boys fished while they were down at the beach and actually caught a few fish. It was the highlight of the whole weekend and I totally missed out!

These pictures were taken Saturday night while we were all hanging out around the campfire.
The battery was about to die so that is why they are so blurry but something is better than nothing right?? Well, maybe.

Now here are just a few random pictures that I thought I would post since they were on the camera. Yes, the boys got a hold of my camera again but there were quite a few pictures this time that were way too inappropriate to post. Trust me, you don't even want to know.
Luckily there were a few cute ones that are safe enough to share.

Carter, self-portrait taken upside down. I love those lips!!!

Carter again...dressed up as a gangster pirate, I guess!

Porter as a cowboy...a really excited cowboy!!

Well, our next post should be in a few days and will have pictures of our newest little Rath.
We are so excited to add another son to our little crew and
I can't wait to share pictures with everyone.