Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Baby Shower Brunch With My Family

My wonderful niece Abby planned an awesome brunch for me with the family. It was so fun to get together with my mom, sisters, sister-in-law and mother-in-law!
They all were so wonderful to be there to show their love and support.

Marybel, Mom, Me, Charla and Morgan
Deana, Me and Abby
Me, Amber, Memphis and Sherri
For those of you who have been wanting to see a nice fat pregnant pic of me...there you go!
(Amber -- I should've listened to you and stood in the middle)

Butterfield Stage Ward Baby Shower

Can I tell you how lucky I am to be in my ward?? I have such great friends and they were kind enough to make sure that they all help me get ready for our upcoming arrival. My visiting teacher Emily Slusser hosted the shower at her home and Charla helped her along with lots of other people in the ward who brought yummy desserts and appetizers.
Visiting Teachers past and present: Tara Slusser and Emily Slusser!

Wonderful friends: Melanie Hilbig, Ann Armstrong & Luella Downs

Sisters: Me and Charla

Great friend and Porter's primary teacher: Ericka Morris

Great neighboors and carpool pals: Erin Ek and Janine Butters

A picture with Luella, who is also pregnant!
Not fair having to be pregnant at the
same time as this girl!!!

Aren't these girls the best?: Jessica Lay, Chantel Skidmore and Kristin Hughes

They just keep coming!: Brookie Fellars, Michelle Miles,
Kristen Beach, Emily Slusser and Heather Murphy

Still more...Jeanine Wulfenstein, Teresa Soles, and Karen Ji. Love these girls!!

Hanging out with Brenda much fun to talk to!

Stephanie Lucero and Naomi Yocum...great people!!
The whole gang!! I had such a great time and you guys really got me excited for this next baby!!
Thanks for being such great friends and for all your support.

My little fishermen

A few months back I noticed a show that kept popping up on our DVR and I kept deleting it thinking that it was an obvious mistake. No sooner than I would delete it, there would be another episode of "Angling Edge" on the DVR. It took me a while to figure out that this show has become one of Porter's favorites.
Well to go along with this, a few weeks ago we had some friends visiting us and Sam thought it would be fun to go play around at the arcade. While we were there, Porter found this Bass Fishing game and was absolutely "hooked" and it didn't take long before Carter was right along there with him. We have even gone back since and all they played the whole time we were there was this fishing game that they both enjoy a ton!
For Porter's birthday he has planned a fishing party and can't wait to take a few of his friends and their dad's with them. It is all that he talks about and I know that he is picking up lots of tips while he is watching "Angling Edge".

Carter Starting Pre-K

You know, last year when Porter was in pre-k it was very important that I make the distinction between that and that Carter is in pre-k there is still no exception. I officially have no more preschoolers, atleast not for a few more years! =)
Carter has been so excited to start up school again and with the struggle that we have had to go throught with Porter, I am very thankful it has been so easy for Carter. He normally is the one I would worry about being away but all of a sudden he seems to be quite the big boy, not to mention that I think he is so very bored at home while Porter is at school that he is just thankful to have something of his own to look forward to.