Saturday, October 6, 2007

Happy Birthday Grandpa Gene!!!

Carter Eugene loves to go to his great-grandpa Gene's house!
(And why shouldn't he when he gets all-you-can-eat ribs and
can play slot machines to his little heart's content.)

Grandma Sherri with her boys, oh and Branden too!
(He says he's not a boy anymore--he's a man)

Porter and Carter with their older cousins
Branden and Justin.

Grandpa Gene with all the guys.

Every October around this time we make a trip out to Palm Springs to spend a day with Sam's grandpa and celebrate his birthday. The boys are so always so excited to be there and have a ton of fun playing out on the golf course that his yard backs up to. Grandma Carol gets out a bunch of toys for them to play with as well. She tries to make sure they have plenty to do. We had a great time today with the family and were so happy to see that Grandpa Gene is doing so well.


Kimby... said...

Carter is so cute! Can I betroth him to Sariah? I love your Rath Review!

Cari said...

Sure that sounds good to me. I always felt a little left out of the sister circle with you guys, that way I would kinda be related.

Kimby... said...

Hello again! How is California?

Abby Trapp said...

I love that Carter is such a ham....Noah needs some posing lessons!! How much does Carter charge??

Cari said...

I don't think you can afford him...yeah right, Noah has been the biggest poser since he was a newwborn.

Jenni said...

nope, Mindy doesn't have a blog. I haven't convinced to come to the dark side yet.....

Betheny & Jacob said...!!! Carter is SO big! I can't believe how big he's gotten! He's adorable! I think he looks more like you. And Porter is looking more and more like Sam. Love your blog. So cute. I've got it under my favorites so that I can check it out every once in a while.