Saturday, March 29, 2008

Easter Sunday

Easter Morning brought lots of great surprises from the Easter bunny!

Like a really cool spider man wallet for Porter.

Lots and lots of yummy candy for Carter. (He was so excited about his basket that it took a lot of coaxing to get him away from it so he could go potty!)

Silly string! (Thanks so much Mr. Easter Bunny & thanks to Sam for cleaning up all the mess)

They were so excited to come home from church and eat their candy that this was the best I could do as far as getting a picture of them in their cute easter outfits! They really looked cute and I wanted a better picture but oh well...this is the real deal!


Aaron Shaw said...

Thank goodness for two day celebrations. I have that same problem pulling myself away from sweets to go to the bathroom all of the time!!!

Kimby... said...

How funny! It must have been hard for him not to leave his basket.

Melissa said...

What a great dad to clean up all the mess. Looks like the boys had a great Easter weekend.

Deon said...

The boys look to cute in their Easter outfits. I wish I could put the kids in shorts. It has been way to cold here!!

Rebecca said...

My favorite part is eating all the chocolate too!