Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Dance Festival for Me--Camping For the Boys

Last Friday I went to the Inland Empire Regional Dance Festival to see Michael, Leslie, Briar and Connor perform. I had planned on the whole family going, but Sam decided that the dance festival is for girls so I went with my parents and the boys decided to campout in the living room.
It was cute cause Sam packed them snacks and gave them water bottles, labeling them so they would know whose was whose.
Porter and Carter both slept all night long in the tent and neither of them came and got in bed with us during the night! Yay!!!
Porter was telling me the next day, "Mom, I have two that goes in the garage and one that doesn't." He just makes me laugh sometimes with the things that he says.
I am glad that the boys had fun camping at home while I was having a great time at the dance festival with the rest of my family. Great job, Michael, Leslie, Briar, and Connor. You guys were awesome and I had so much fun searching you out in the crowd.


Trapp Family said...

I can't wait for the family campground the boys are going to have so much fun!!

Trapp Family said...

I meant campout

Betheny & Jacob said...

I love campouts. We are going in a couple weeks. Dance Festival! How fun! -yes, I remember the "hill people" at wal-mart after dark...they always come out after dark for some reason...