Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Night

Halloween night we had our friends the Smiths and the Wulfensteins over for a pre-trick-or-treating potluck. The kids were so excited to go out together and really had a good time.

Carter's friend Grace decided she wanted to be a bride instead of Cinderella for the night. Joanna told me that when they were getting ready she asked Grace if she was going to marry Prince Charming, and she said "No, I am going to marry Carter."
Sam did an excellent job with the boys scary makeup, I only wish that I had been able to take a picture of them before they smeared their faces. They really did look a little more scary with their faces done up.

We had a great Halloween and enjoyed the night spending time with our friends.
(Oh, and Sam had another successful year of scaring kids with the "Charles" mask)!

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Aaron Shaw said...

Scary Costumes and makeup!!! Dang Carter is gonna be a Lady Killer!!!