Saturday, June 6, 2009

Carter's Spring Sing

Carter had his preschool Spring Sing a couple weeks ago and although we thoroughly enjoyed it, I think Carter might have considered it some form of torture.

He started out with pretty good intentions I think. There was no way he would sing but he would do the hand motions for the songs...

...until he decided that it was a little too cold and didn't need to do the hand motions either.

When he went up there to say his line I thought for sure he would perform that well but decided to only say the last word of it which was blue (in reference to the red-white-and blue in the flag).

By this point he knows that this whole Spring Sing thing was a bad idea.

He manages to pose for one last picture with his class before he gets his award for the year that explains his behavior throughout the whole program.

Carter received the "Does everything he is asked to do as long as it doesn't involve singing" award.

Although Carter wasn't too willing to do the singing he was willing to dance as long as he had a girl there making him do everything. He really did a great job and I am so proud of him for learning and growing as much as he has this year in preschool.

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