Sunday, September 27, 2009

My little fishermen

A few months back I noticed a show that kept popping up on our DVR and I kept deleting it thinking that it was an obvious mistake. No sooner than I would delete it, there would be another episode of "Angling Edge" on the DVR. It took me a while to figure out that this show has become one of Porter's favorites.
Well to go along with this, a few weeks ago we had some friends visiting us and Sam thought it would be fun to go play around at the arcade. While we were there, Porter found this Bass Fishing game and was absolutely "hooked" and it didn't take long before Carter was right along there with him. We have even gone back since and all they played the whole time we were there was this fishing game that they both enjoy a ton!
For Porter's birthday he has planned a fishing party and can't wait to take a few of his friends and their dad's with them. It is all that he talks about and I know that he is picking up lots of tips while he is watching "Angling Edge".

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