Sunday, May 16, 2010

Spring Is In the Air

Blogger isn't letting me move the pictures around so this isn't going to be in chronological order.

Porter is playing baseball for the first time ever and absolutely loves it! Occasionally he gets to play his cousins Kyle and Joseph. Here is a cute picture I got of him and Kyle after a game that they played against each other.

Since we moved into my parents house I have been walking with Heather every morning. Tuesday and Thursday I have Carter with me cause he doesn't have Pre-K those days. This particular morning the walk started with Anderson asleep and Carter awake but ended in the complete opposite. Honestly, I think Anderson likes the company!

What is that big smile for you ask??? It's only because Carter was sooooo very excited to get the SIX shots he needed for his kindergarten registration. I honestly have no idea why he needed so many shots but he took 'em all like the little man he is.

We enjoyed a wonderful Easter/Conference Sunday with the family. Here are all the grandkids after they collected a ton of else were we supposed to get them all to smile!

Here is Anderson on his first Easter.

Porter looking for candy in the grass.

Carter taking a break from hunting so I can get a picture!

Anderson got his first taste of rice cereal. Don't worry that look is only because he was so sad when it was all gone!!

Porter and Carter started taking piano lessons from their cousin Briar. They are absolutely loving it and you wouldn't believe how often they are fighting to see who gets to practice. Okay, I'm kinda lying about that!

Dad, rejoicing over making it to another birthday!!
I'm only kidding but he might say he isn't. =)
We also went to the temple for his birthday as we do every year and it was my first time since having had Anderson. I was so happy!!!

Porter, Carter, and Kyle sporting mohawks!!!

Our third Baltimore night. I think we had crab cakes and shrimp louis salads.

A picture of a carrot that the boys found in the backyard before we moved. About a year previous, while I was napping, they dug one big hole and dumped like five different seed packets in there and this is what we had to show for their labors.

Megan and Kory at our second Baltimore night.

On the menu: Philly cheesesteaks, collard greens, shrimp salad, and gravy fries.

So this is a brief synopsis from the end of February thru the beginning of April,
which was very busy but full of lots of fun.


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Tawny said...

Great job playing blog catch up! Your boys are adorable. Time is flying so fast. I want it to slow down.