Saturday, November 3, 2007

Our Trick-or Treatin' Cowboys

Cowboy Porter and Cowboy Carter, dressed up and rearin' to go trick-or-treating!

I may be biased but that right thar is the cutest 2 year old cowboy in the west!

When taking pictures, Porter striked this pose- He's all business!

Carter couldn't wait to get those chaps off! But, he still kept the boots on.

Porter and Carter were so excited to be lots of things this year for Halloween but when I suggested that they be cowboys there were no other options. They both have popping cork guns from Knotts Berry Farm that they play with all the time and it only made sense that they finally have the get-ups to complete the image.

I think they done pretty good, dressin' up as them thar cowboys!


Abby Trapp said...

Very cute cowboys...I hope that got a lot of good loot!!!

Naomi said...

Love those chaps--did you make them? How cute are they? I always did like a man in cowboy boots!

So you totally surprised me with your comment on my new site. I was under the impression that I was still incognito--how did you know my address?? Thanks for your sweet words. Had fun last night--thanks for setting things up!

Rebecca said...

Yes, I agree, the cow patterened chaps are the cutest. My boys love to strike poses when I take pictures now too. Sometimes they are way too silly though.

I love blogging and keeping in touch. do we get Tawny and Kelly to start a blog too?

Cari said...

Rebecca-FYI Kelly will never be a blogger and I'm not sure what Tawny thinks of it.

Naomi-I made the chaps out of sweat pants (they're upside down). I found you thru my sitemeter. Someone from your blog clicked on mine. I hope it's okay that I put your link on my blog. I'm sad I didn't get to talk to you much last night, but I'm glad you had fun.

KELLY said...

You are so clever with those chaps. You have the cutest cowboys! Yee Haw!

Betheny & Jacob said...

No chaps and cowboy boots huh? Yeah, Jacob does that ALL the time! j/k :) Seriously, the cutest little cowboys I've ever seen!