Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Porter's 4th Birthday

Every Sunday we go to my parents house for dinner and when someone has a birthday
we have birthday cake for dessert. Porter was so excited to have cake with his cousins and couldn't wait for them to sing happy birthday to him.

Porter was lying awake inbetween Sam and I yesterday morning and when I woke up I told him Happy Birthday! He looked at me and asked "Am I four now?"

Porter has been asking for the longest time for the new cereal straws and I thought that would be the perfect birthday breakfast treat for him. He loved them!

Next on the birthday agenda was a trip to Disneyland with our friends the Smiths .
We went to city hall where Porter got to talk to Goofy on the phone and told Porter
Happy Birthday. Porter got a cool birthday pin so everyone could tell that it was his big day!!!

We had so much fun and at the end of It's A Small World Porter said
"Mom, this is So Awesome!"
Grandma Sherri even came to Disneyland for a little while
so she could wish Porter a Happy Birthday too!

Porter and Gracie were knocking on the door at the Haunted Mansion and saying
"Trick-or-Treat" and sat together on Pirates of the Carribean.

Porter and Wyatt sat together on Pirates as well and there was no way I could pull their attention away from everything that was around long enough to get a good picture but from this one you can kinda tell how intense their focus was on the ride. Sam said that when they were walking off the ride he said, "Dad, that ride was SO SO SO Awesome!"

All in all I would have to say that Porter had a wonderful birthday. We went to dinner
after we left the park and when the waiter came out with his ice cream treat
this was how he found the birthday boy!
(Carter couldn't have been happier eating his dessert for him).


scpcrath said...

It may seem strange that I am making a comment on my own post but I just can't help but look at these pictures and think how much I love our little Porter. I feel so lucky to be this child's mom!

Rebecca said...

This post makes me miss our family Sunday dinners in California and miss Disneyland too! Oh well, I'm glad Porter is there to enjoy the things I'm missing out on.
Happy Birthday Porter.

Abby Trapp said...

I can't wait to go to Disneyland with you guys!!! Oh and my boys have those shirts that Porter is wearing in that first picture...gotta love target!!! I miss Birthdays at Grandpa's hopefuly when we go to early church we can come more!!!

Joanna and Tyler said...

So cute! Gracie said "Look, it's me and my Carter!" I hope you guys have a good Thanksgiving!

Naomi said...

Such a cute birthday post! Porter looks like he was just worn out with all the fun he had.

Hope you guys have a fabulous Turkey Day!

Jenni said...

Oh, how cute and fun! Happy Birthday Porter!

Ambie T. said...

How fun! Happy Birthday Porter. It looks like you had a full day! Next time you are at the Big "D" head in to Cali's Adventure and catch the Aladdin show for us. It is our favorite! (Follow it up with the Tower of Terror for an extra thrill!)

grandma jojo said...

give porter a big birthday hug and kiss for me.

Kimby... said...

Knock Knock? How fun! You know it's December!