Saturday, January 19, 2008

Happy New Year!

I love New Year's Eve with my family. My parents have all of us over and tell us to invite friends and we eat yummy appetizers and desserts and play games and let
the kids run wild until they pass out! Don't tell me that doesn't sound like a blast.

We are just a bunch of party people--us Morgans!!!

See what I mean--they just party till they pass out!!!!


kEllY said...

Cari, I am so glad you are back in the blogging world! I love your family updates! And, just so you know, It took me till almost the end of January to get the 2007 update done and posted. My cards still haven't been mailed. Today is my day to get them done. Well, after church! Let's get Charla to blog.

Rebecca said...

Hi Cari, glad to see you back. Your kids are lucky. We made ours celebrate the new year at 7pm then watched Shrek the third and then to bed before 9pm. They think New Year's Eve happens before bedtime!

Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

Hi Cari, Thanks for your comment on our blog (the Del Bello's. It so fun to blog and keep up with people! You're so lucky to be near the DeSchepper's....we love them! Your family is darling! Keep in touch! Amy-Sue

Julie said...

YAY!!! You're back...I love it! I love your background, too!

McKenzie said...

Oh My Goodness!!! I was looking for you on here! How are you?! your Boys (last I saw you it was just boy) are adorable! Great pics, you look beautiful!. Yep, i'm married now! but i'm still far from being grown up! It's sooo good to talk to you! Take care!

Naomi said...

So glad to have you back in the loop!

Don't you love having a place where the kids can just run around and play--and trash someone elses house on the holidays? :)

Glad you guys had a fun New Year. Parker had such a blast on the camp out. Tell Sam THANKS for making Scouts so much fun! Parker always talked about how much he enjoyed having Sam as a leader.