Thursday, October 30, 2008

Carter's Halloween Performance

Carter--The disillusioned ghost!
The look on his face in this picture pretty much sums up his whole performance.
Here he is with all the other kids in his class.

In a picture with Porter we finally get him to smile, kinda.

I guess Porter got all the performing genes in the family because Carter didn't sing a single word or do one little hand gesture throughout the whole program.
All in all, I think he was just happy when the whole thing was over.


The Trapp Family said...

He looks so cute as a ghost...I guess he is more like his mom. I like how he smiled for his brother too cute!!

Naomi said...

Loved the pics of both classes. Carter's class is the cutest class ever! (well, until my boy gets back in anyway) :)

Miss M does such a great job with her school programs. They are seriously the highlight of my holiday season!