Friday, January 30, 2009

Our Family Vacation

A few weeks ago we planned a trip to visit our good friends the Corsis in St. George.
We had such a great time while we were there and Sam is even talking about how excited he is to go back in the spring.
We went up to Zion for the day.

I don't think we were planning on it being quite so cold but the kids were very excited to be around snow.

We went to the St. George Temple and hung out at the visitor's center for a while.

We went to the Wild Life Museum and started taking these pictures. We were having way too much fun and I think we were disturbing some of the more serious patrons.

We also went to the dinosaur museum that they had their in town and the boys thought it was way cool.
The most fun we had was the time we spent with the Corsi Family and they really made the whole trip completely enjoyable for all of us.
Thanks so much!!!
We had such a great time while we were there and we are already planning on a return trip. (Hope the Corsi Family doesn't mind!)


Em Dog said...

Those were great pictures! I love St. George. A few years ago we considered moving there, but then we found this ward. . .and, we aren't going anywhere now!
Those antler pictures are hysterical!!!!
Oh, my word, Cari. Your kids are getting so big. Sometimes I see Carter and I am so confused. Shouldn't he be like a year old?
(woops. I said 'like'. . .forgive me. I need to act more my age. .hahha. ..)
Love ya!

Aaron Shaw said...

Sounds Like Fun! Oh you were so close. You should have stopped by my place too!!! J/K. I love Zion's. I want to come down a camp there while you are there!!!

The Trapp Family said...

I LOVE the antler pictures!!!

I am glad you guys got to get away I know you deserved it!

AndNoah is so jealous that they got to see snow!!

cari said...

Aaron- I will let you know when you go there again because Sam would love to camp there. Hope your performances went well this past weekend--I was there in spirit.

Joanna and Tyler said...

Cari I think you need to update you have some interesting pictures you can take!

Kimby... said...

How fun!