Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Carter's 3rd Birthday!!

So here I am again catching up on my postings. Carter celebrated his 3rd birthday on the 22nd and oh --how much fun he had!!

He opened up some birthday presents from us first thing in the morning...he was having a little trouble with the tape and found his own way to work around it.
He told me he wanted donuts for his birthday breakfast so Sam got up before the boys even woke up so they would be there first thing for him to enjoy.
We went to the park and enjoyed some time with his friends.
He caught a lizard (with Sam's help of course at Grandma & Grandpa's house).
We threw him a super fun birthday party and watched "Underdog" in the backyard.
For one of the games we had everyone break up into their families and make a poster depicting Carter in his very own movie. The McLaughlin's won it with this super cute Super Carter poster.
We had lots of candy and popcorn for the movie but not before we all sang to Carter and had a piece of cake. I think Carter had a wonderful birthday. We love him so much and enjoy what a fun little guy he has become in these last few years.


Our Crazy Family said...

Well It looks like Carter had a great birthday party. How fun to watch a movie in the back yard! How are you guys??? If you are ever interested we have a blog too....


Cindy (Richards wife)
Have a great day!

Deon said...

Looks like he had so much fun!!! I didn't realize that he and Tori are only a few weeks apart.

Trapp Family said...

Glad Carter had a great party...you are so creative!! You should be a party planner...really you are sooo good at it.

Aaron Shaw said...

Tell Carter Happy B-day from Cousin Aaron!!!

jonesfamily said...

Wow! Too big! We really need to get together!!!!!

Betheny & Jacob said...

What a fun party!Happy B-Day Carter!