Thursday, September 18, 2008

Carter's First Day of Preschool

I feel bad that it has taken me so long to post this picture, but better late than never, right?
Carter was talking all summer long about going to preschool at Ms. Michelle's and that day finally arrived! When I took him in there he was holding my hand so tight that I thought he might not let it go. Well, he did and he had a great day. The next day of preschool, Porter asked if he could walk him in and Carter was okay with it and there was no problem. The next day of preschool, Porter tried getting out of the car to walk his brother in again and Carter said "NO, I'm gonna go all by myself." Here we are a couple more weeks later and he will hardly gives me a kiss goodbye before walking in to preschool all on his own. Is this just the beginning of the end?

(Oh, and by the way Porter is totally enjoying Pre-K, not preschool, but Pre-K. He wants to make sure that everyone knows the distinction.)


Ali said...

Your blog layout is always so cute. :)

jonesfamily said...

Are they at school at the same time? I'm loving the break I get twice a week while the boys go to pre-school. I was too late to get into the pre-k thing. Bummer! How is Porter liking it? Is it basically like kindergarten?

Mike Parson Family said...

Yes, and next thing you know, he'll be leaving on his mission! What an independent soul he is--it is much easier this way, though. I used to take my little sister (Jenny) to kindergarten and they had to PEEL her off me.

Ever + Kelsey said...

I think it's so cute his brother wants to walk him in! That was my favorite part!