Thursday, December 18, 2008

Baby Memphis!!!

We finally made it to Lakewood to see our new little nephew Memphis Gene who was born on Thanksgiving Day. Porter and Carter had been asking practically every day when we would get to see him and we ended up going out there last Saturday for Sam's birthday.

Carter Eugene and Memphis Gene both named after their great-grandpa Eugene Feack.

Porter was so excited to hold little Memphis and he was so content to just sit and stare at him while he was sleeping through out the day.

Oh yeah, and Sam hasn't lost his touch with babies. He wrapped that baby up tight like a burrito, gave him a bottle, burped him and got him right to sleep. He was so happy to spend some time with his little baby nephew. This picture ALMOST makes me want to have another one.

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The Trapp Family said...

Look at you and all your posts! First Happy Birthday Sam....Late but whatever I am slow. Second I love a Christmas Story. And third your boys need a baby....they are so excited about the babies!!!