Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we celebrated with Cari's parents and the Shaws, Morgans, Stansels, Shreenans and Sam's dad. We had a wonderful dinner, enjoyed a great Christmas program put together by Morgan (Shreenan), and watched the kids open their presents from their secret santas. We really had a great time there at my parents and then came home, opened pajamas (Porter & Carter) and went to bed.

Porter and Kyle wearing the sweatshirts they got from Grandma & Grandpa
(Porter just learned about "Bunny Ears" but doesn't quite get it)
Us on Christmas Eve 2008

Briar and Porter

Kim, David, Kelly & Freckles

Heather, Dru, Deana, and Dave

Sam and Ken playing chess

Chloe, Leslie, Autumn and Erin

Greg, Charla, and Kyle

The grandkids doing their Chrismas performance (they are such performers).

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Autumn said...

I love the pictures! I Can't believe how big your kids are getting! Porter's bunny ears are to funny! What a cute kid!