Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sam Turned the BIG 30!

For Sam's birthday we went out for Chinese food and then tried to go bowling for our first time ever with the boys but of course we had no clue that a Tuesday night would be packed with bowling leagues so as a second choice we went to Mulligans to play some games. Porter and Carter had a blast on the video games and Ken and Sam had a blast playing air hockey. I couldn't believe how much Porter got into this Motorcycle game. I swear I thought he was going to fall off the side of that thing when he would lean from side to side to avoid obstacles and he was even making motorcycle sounds with his mouth: NOTE the picture on the left. Carter had a really great time playing the car game and actually did quite well, as long as one of us was standing by him with our foot on the gas pedal. Check out how serious he looks with his hands at 10 & 2.

I really think that we all had a great time!
Especially the Birthday Boy!!!!!

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