Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Such a Lucky Girl I Am

It isn't just enough that these three gorgeous guys belong to me but can I tell you how much they spoil me?? I had to leave for a quick trip to Utah for my uncle's funeral and while I was gone Sam had family night with the boys. They talked about King Benjamin and the importance of giving service. Sam then decided to ask the boys how they could show service to their mom. Needless to say, on Tuesday night when I got home from Utah, I saw that the house had been cleaned from top to bottom. Then this morning when Porter woke up he was so excited for me to go out in the backyard to show me that they started a vegetable garden and Carter told me that I came home too soon cause he didn't have time to finish the necklace he was making for me.
How lucky am I that I have these guys who would do so much to show me that they love me through these sweet acts of service.


The Trapp Family said...

I guess I need to go out of town all alone that sounds heavenly. What a lucky girl. I love the boys shirts. They are such cuties!!

Kimby... said...

How sweet!