Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter at the Raths

Easter came and went so quickly for us this year that it was amazing that I even managed to get pictures of the boys. They had so much fun going through their baskets and were happy to find some special treats this year like CTR rings and some cool church books and toys. The Easter bunny really thought they we should focus on the true reason for the occasion and so brought these special gifts along with the regular fun toys and candy.

Here is a picture of Carter breaking into they eggs that the boys and I dyed the day before. I am not sure what they love more, dying the eggs or eating them
(of course with salt because they are my children).
A picture of Porter showing us one of the many eggs that he found in the backyard.

I love these guys so very much and I am very happy that they were able to have a wonderful Easter and were still able to learn a little bit more about why this day is so important in our lives.

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