Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March 2009

March was a very fun and exciting month for the Rath family!
We went hiking up at the Vernal Pools and Carter found a frog.

We have been going to the park, enjoying sunny afternoons.

We went to Knott's with Charla and Kyle one day.

Porter got to go to a "Rock Star" party for his friend Mae, sporting this "faux-hawk".

We went to Tom's Farm one day to celebrate Abby's birthday and Aunt Deana got the boys pony rides. They LOVED this!!!

We got to see the Smith's and went out to dinner with them.
(Porter hasn't stopped talking about how he wishes that Wyatt still lived close to our house.)

We also got a very fun visit from a little mischievious Leprachaun on St. Patrick's Day. Sam suggested that the boys make a really good hiding place in case someone needed to hide some gold and then the next morning they found chocolate coins in there hiding spot and a few other tricks were played as well. The boys are still doing little pranks around the house blaming it on the Leprachaun.
The other thing we did this month was celebrate our 8th anniversary. Sam planned a really nice overnight getaway for us in LA. It started out with a trip to the temple where we were able to reminisce our wedding day. Then we checked into a hotel in Santa Monica and hung out at the 3rd Street Promenade for the evening. That is where we went on our first official date and so it was really sweet that Sam had that all planned out too. The next morning Sam had scheduled massages for us and I really enjoyed that. It was such a nice little get away although I missed the boys terribly and couldn't wait to get home to them.


The Trapp Family said...

Really you are only blogging monthly? I just don't know how I feel about that! Glad you guys had a fun month. And Happy Anniversary.

Janae said...

Ok Cari, I finally realized I never checked out your blog after we talked about it on facebook. So, hooray! We can keep in touch better one more way now too. Tell Charla she needs to update hers more than once a year. :0) I need your email again so I can send you an invite. My email is Oh yeah one more small tiny detail...CONGRATULATIONS on the new BABY! :0) That's awesome and I'm very jealous. Hopefully I can join in your parade next year.

The Carreons said...

Hey thanks for the comment! I am having fun being up here all on our own! Looks like the Rath family has been having a lot of fun!