Tuesday, February 1, 2011

August 2010

So much has happened in August for us!!

Carter turned five--definitely a big deal.

He asked me if there was really such a thing as banana splits and when I told him they were real he asked if he could have them for his birthday dessert.

Anderson is pulling himself up to get a good view of Carter while he opens his presents.

Can you tell how excited Carter was to get MarioKart for the wii? Soooo excited!

Anderson is still working on those teeth. Man, this guys does a lot of teething for so few teeth!

School started!!! Porter and Carter were both new to Vintage Hills this year but luck for them they have cousins who have been there for a while and have showed them the ropes!

Amelia and Anderson are very excited for when they start school too!

Carter on his first day of kindergarten with Mrs. Shorack.

Porter on his first day of First Grade with Mrs. Herington.

Anderson on his first day of texting??

Oh, this I loved!! The boys put Porter's underwear on Anderson and then
told me that he is fun to "dress-up"!! I thought this was so hilarious.

We spent the day with the Cruz's in LA and Porter and Carter sat and ate ice cream in Exposition Park.

We also saw a new addition to the family! Brandi had a baby girl named Maddison Lily.
Porter loved getting the chance to hold her!!
It makes me so happy that he loved babies as much as he does.

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