Tuesday, February 1, 2011

September 2010

First of all, I came to my senses and finally taught Porter and Carter how to clean the bathroom.
Yep, it will take years to perfect I'm sure.

Anderson is getting bigger and bigger and is still teething all the time.
I just don't remember Porter and Carter being nearly as drooly.

He also has a great arm. So think fast if he ever throws a ball to you!

Sometimes we are so tired at night we fall asleep before our feet ever get off the ground.

Carter and Anderson got matching jammies and Carter LOVES them!

We went camping and this is a picture of Porter, Kyle and Carter hanging out and playing cards.

Anderson and Sam really enjoyed the night they spent together camping at home!!
Let me explain this camping trip a little. First of all, on the way to the campground the transmission on the van blew again and my dad went and rescued the boys and once they transferred everything to my dad's car they were on their way again. My dad came back to town with the van and the tow truck. Have I ever mentioned how wonderful my dad is???
Then the next day the girls and Anderson joined the boys and we had a good time until Anderson went to bed. He cried and cried until Sam finally decided to take him home for the night. I am not really sure when we will ever decide to take Anderson camping again.

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