Tuesday, February 1, 2011

June 2010

Anderson is getting bigger and cuter!

"Good Times"--Porter Rath

We went to Porter's class and heard him read some of his work from the school year.
This is a picture of Porter with the church friends he had in his class.

Porter showing us his Kindergarten book. He did such a great job all year long and my favorite thing about reading all his stories was that everything was always "vantastik"!
Sam and the boys found a snake in the backyard which always makes for an exciting day!

Carter with Ms. Michelle at his Pre-K graduation. His award this year was the
"A+ Behavior Award" and we couldn't be more pleased with him!!

A little bit of hiking up at Santa Rosa Plateau.

Porter and Carter love to hang out in these uniforms during the day, just for fun.

All of Anderson's outfits have been taking on this "soaked through" look from all the teething he has been doing lately.

Oh, and this is me showing off my wonderful ability to multi-task!
How else am I supposed to get my facebook time in??

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