Monday, July 13, 2009

4th of July!!!

I love the 4th of July!! Last year we were in Temecula so this year
we went to Grandma Sherri's to celebrate.

Carter taking a break from the pool.

Porter hitting anyone up to play ping pong with him.

Porter and Carter with Grandma Sherri.

The boys played lots of ping pong and took a dip in the pool with their little cousin Memphis.

They played croquet for their first time ever and this is Carter just before getting hit in the head with a mallet by Porter!

Since fireworks are legal in Lakewood it is such a different experience than what I grew up with and I think that for the first time this year I really enjoyed Sam's idea of 4th of July.
(Probably because the boys loved it soooo much!) They LOVED these gigantic sparklers!

Carter watching Sam set off fireworks in the street.

Justin, Brandi, Porter and Carter enjoying the show!

Me and Sam!

Sam with Amber and Laurel.

The Family--I love that Porter and Carter aren't looking at the camera because huge fireworks went off nearby in the sky and so they were a little distracted!!
We had a blast!!! (No pun intended.)

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