Monday, July 13, 2009

Snake Charmers

So at Sam's office complex they sent around letter to all the offices letting people know that as they are walking on the premises, to watch out for snakes that might be close by. Sam, being the kid at heart that he is, decided that this letter was his personal invitation to start catching snakes!! He caught a few, but finally worked it out to catch one, put it in a pillow case, and bring it home for the boys to play with. Have I mentioned yet that I HATE SNAKES??!!!??!!?!!
So he decided to empty the snake into the boys little pool that we got for them. Porter and Carter had so much fun following that thing around in circles. One of the best parts was when it peed in the pool which I now need to make sure is completely sanitized before the boys ever use it again!!!! DID I MENTION THAT I HATE SNAKES??!!!??!!??!!

That snake kept trying to climb out of the little pool over and over again and I think he was just getting more and more frustrated everytime he tried. Sam wanted to make sure that I got plenty of pictures of the darn thing! I HATE SNAKES!!!!!!!

Luckily, Sam decided that the snake really wasn't having as much fun as he, Porter and Carter were and thought it would be best to let him go. This was my MOST favorite part of the snake encounter and I was soooo happy to see it go. Needless to say, I SO HATE SNAKES!!!!!

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