Monday, July 27, 2009

A Visit With Abby and the Boys

A few weeks ago we made our way out to the OC to spend a couple days with my niece Abby and her boys. Although we were only with them for like a day and a half we were able to do lots of fun stuff. We started out by going to the Irvine Spectrum and let the kids play in the fountains. They loved it.

Abby had these little sand toys and the boys would put them over the fountains and they had so much fun watching them shoot up.

Carter loves playing in any form of water so this was right up his alley!
My great-nephew Ryder loved that Abby sat him down in the middle of all this. He was so funny cause he would try to make sure he was sitting right where a stream of water would shoot up.

I loved this picture of Porter--he had such a great time.

Me and Abby had fun watching the boys.

We went to Golden Spoon after all the water fun and had ice cream cones.

The next day we went swimming together at Jodi's pool and then we headed out to the OC Fair.
Porter and Carter were so excited to see all the animals and especially loved the baby piggies.

We watched them milk the cows and I decided that would be a great breast pump for my baby registry...I'm totally kidding of course.

The boys rode one ride that they got free with our admission tickets and you would have thought it was the ride of their lives.

Thanks Abby for such a great time.
We loved having the chance to spend some time with you and the boys.

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