Monday, July 27, 2009

Our Trip to Spanish Fork

Every summer I grew up spending a couple weeks on my mom's parents farm in Spanish Fork, UT. I told Sam early on this summer that I wanted to somehow get the boys up to the farm for Pioneer Day and Spanish Fork Fiesta Days. I think my mom was happy to know that I had such fond memories of those vacations that she told my dad that they should take me and the boys up for a week. I think she would've stayed even longer if the boys and I could have handled being away from Sam for so long but there was no way that was even possible. My parents stayed at the farm in Leland and the boys and I stayed with my cousin Karalee in Payson. I appreciate all the driving that my parents and cousin did driving us back and forth.

Monday as soon as we got to Karalee's we made plans to go to Santaquin to the Family Tree Restaurant where we ate their gigantic yummy scones and honeybutter. Then we went back to the house and hung out for the rest of the night which was perfect after our long drive.

Tuesday the Porter and Carter played with Karalee's kids and we decided to go to the dollar movie in Provo and say Monsters vs. Aliens. Then we met up with my parents and Aunt Jolene on the farm and decided to go to the Pizza Factory to celebrate Russell's (Karalee's husband) birthday. Thanks Russell for picking the Pizza Factory because it was so yummy!

Wedenesday my parents planned to take us to Provo to meet up with the Smith's but when we got up there Joanna called and told me that Grace had a fever. We ended up just hanging out at BYU. We went to the museum there on campus which the boys loved, we played games at the Wilkinson Center, and we had lunch at the Creamery. We also drove by the Provo Temple and pointed out all the missionaries that were walking between there and the MTC. Then I had the boys take a picture in front of the MTC cause I thought Sam might like that since he is always talking about them being future missionaries.

Then we headed back to the farm for a little rest before going out to see the stock parade and to have a picnic and then we were off to the rodeo.

Aaron and Michael joined us for the rodeo.

Don't tell anyone but I think Michael thought it was pretty fun!

We took a picture of ourselves while waiting for the rodeo to start.

Katelyn and Samantha sat next to us and loved helping me keep the boys entertained.

Carter really took to Samantha -- it was so cute to see him with her.

My cousin's wife, Wendy, did such a great job trying to keep Porter awake for the last and most exciting part of the night--

the Bull Riding.
You can tell by the look on Porter and Carter's faces that they ABSOLUTELY loved it!

Thursday we went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House. It was beautiful and I couldn't help but get a little choked up when I got to be with Porter and Carter in the sealing room. What a great experience, I only wish Sam could've been there to share it with us.

Porter, Carter and Logan waiting patiently to go inside.

Friday we were so excited to celebrate Pioneer Day, well atleast I was.
We got to see the parade down Main Street in Spanish Fork.

I got the boys snowcones to eat while they watched.

Then we took the boys over to the carnival to ride rides.

Carter and Katelynn on the boats...don't you love Carter's pageant wave?

We finally made it over to visit the Smith's. The kids played together so well and it gave Joanna and I plenty of time to catch up. We miss them so much.

Aaron and Michael picked us up and we went back to the farm to finish off the Pioneer Day festivities. The boys got to feed the cows some hay.

I love this picture of the boys. They had so much fun together on our trip.

With the look on his face, you'd think he got bit by one of those cows or something.

I think Porter could have spent the whole entire time feeding those cows and would have been perfectly content.

We had a great dinner at my cousin Reid's house there on the farm and then drove over to Salem to watch the fireworks!
The next morning we were up and on the road by seven and Porter and Carter were so good the whole, except for Carter kicking Michael's seat...sorry about that Michael.
The only thing that would've made our trip any better was if Sam had been able to go with us. Next time there is no way we will go without him.
Thanks Mom and Dad for the whole was just the way I had hoped it would be and I know that they boys loved it.
Thanks Karalee and Russell for letting us stay with you guys, we miss you and your family.

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grandma jojo said...

you forgot about the part where you visited josh & cally while you were in payson. oh. wait. you didn't!
don't you just love utah? all their parades, and festivals. you know payson has onion days labor day weekend. it is so much fun. and the fireworks are amazing!
what a fun trip for you and the boys.