Thursday, January 14, 2010

Carter's Christmas Program & Porter's Polar Express

Every year the kindergarten classes at the elementary school put on a Polar Express program. The kids are all asked to make a Polar Express train and then they wear their pajamas to school and parade around. Well with having Carter and Anderson, Porter and the train I managed to forget the camera so thank goodness we had taken these pictures the night before when Porter was taking his train for a test drive.
Hopefully I will get some cuter pictures to post with this from friends.

I really think Sam did a great job on making Porter's train.

So, on to the Christmas program at Ms. Michelle's. Do you see someone missing from the lineup? Yep, it's Carter because he was sitting right next to me.

I was finally able to get him up there because I told him that if he didn't do everything he needed to do in Pre-K then he wouldn't be able to go on to Kindergarten next year! Luckily he made it up there just in time for the last song.

Carter and Owen.

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