Monday, January 25, 2010

Hail?!!??!! What?!!?!?

So, we are all well aware of how crazy the weather was here in socal last week with all the flooding, hail, and tornado warnings but here is just a little idea of what we got out of it!
Yep, that right there in Sam's hand is a hail snowball!
I took the boys to the doctor on Friday and on our way out to the car it started hailing....big time! I was shocked to see that the hail was sticking to the ground and was amazed at the winter wonderland that was left as a result. I wish we could upload the picture that Sam took of our putting green in the backyard cause he said it was covered in hail and from the looks of the picture you can't see a bit of green through all the white.
For all you out there who live in the snow, this post is not for you, but for the Rath family, all this torrential weather offered a bit of excitement!

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Emmy Slusser said...

I just love how exciting this was to all the locals. I took pictures of my kids and Jacob was giddy! I think I documented it more for the fact that no one in Ohio will ever believe how geeked out we all were about hail! :) I love that weather is exciting to us. ..must mean that we are used to 70 and sunny. .. dreamy!