Thursday, January 21, 2010

How We're Surviving the Rain

So not only have we been stuck inside with all the rain, but Carter hasn't been out of the house since Tuesday because he has been sick with a cold and a little fever that comes and goes.
The boys got a hold of my camera while I was making dinner tonight so I thought I would use the pics to explain how we're surviving being "shut-ins".

Porter and Carter take very good care of Anderson. Although it has been absolute torture trying to keep Carter and all his coughing away from the baby all week long.

Thank goodness for cool little toys like this that keep Anderson entertained while Porter and Carter are doing other things. But can I tell you how sick I am of hearing Old MacDonald over and over again?
When he isn't busy asking me when Porter will be home from school, Carter has had a lot of time to play with Legos. I think he would be smiling if he didn't feel so crummy!

And this. This is a picture I took. Porter and Carter have been getting a ton of wii time. It probably is a bad thing but at this point i'm just not sure I really care. This wii gives me a great break in the day...that is when they aren't yelling and screaming at eachother while they play it.

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