Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mother & Son Rockstar Night

Tonight we went to Mother & Son Rockstar Night at CHES. It was so much fun to see how excited Porter was to go. I'm not quite sure his excitement was because he wanted to have a little date with me but I will just go ahead and pretend that was why anyway.
We ate some yummy dinner with all of our rockstar friends!
The rockstar moms posed for a picture!

Our sons were totally rocking the stage with their air guitars.

As we were walking on our way out to the car Porter looked up at me and
said "We Rock!"
I couldn't be more happy to be this little guy's mom.


The Lays said...

That is soo sweet! I can't wait for those big boy days to come. You rock!

Abby said...

You guys are such cute little rock stars! When Porter is a real rockstar I can't wait to say I knew him when...