Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thankful in November

Porter wanted a picture of Anderson on his birthday. My big six year old with my little 1 month old.
Porter and Carter getting ready to blow out the candles on Porter's cake. Yes, Carter insisted on helping. What are little brothers for, right?

Anderson and Mommy wishing Porter-boy a happy sixth birthday!

Porter had been planning his birthday party for quite a while and wanted Sam to take him and his friends fishing. They went to a fishing hole in Murrieta with a few of his friends and cousins. Almost everyone caught a fish and I think they all loved it! Porter has been begging Sam for another fishing trip ever since.


So thankful for all my blessings--especially these three!

Our little turkey...or should I say our little butterball cause he is so chubby!

The adult table

The kid's table

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