Thursday, January 14, 2010

Creche Festival

We were asked to helpout with the stake Creche Festival again this year just as we had been when Carter was a little baby. My first instinct is to decline just because it is so emotional to be in that setting, admiring my precious little newborn son, while thinking what a blessing Christ's birth is in all our lives. I choke back the tears and realize what a great opportunity it is. Our friend Debbie Robinson from the Palos Verdes Stake, who has recently moved to Temecula, was in charge of the nativity room and so she took these pictures of us.
Anderson loved staring at the star that was shining above his head and he also enjoyed the soloist behind the backdrop singing "Silent Night".

It was so wonderful admiring our sleeping baby while thinking about the baby Jesus.

Anderson did get a little fussy about halfway through our time in there and Sam did a wonderful job getting him to sleep and we were finally able to put him in the manger. Such a little sweetie!

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